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Quick Tip of the Week: 1-2-3 Quick Posture Fix
  Golf and fitness make a difference in business  - In her monthly column for,  EWGA CEO Pam Swensen interprets Jacque’s 5 Fs in the context of business

Master Your Movement!

What Nobody Taught You

  • Feel, control and improve your posture and movement
  • Get better results from your fitness improvement efforts
  • Learn How, step-by-step, using Jacque's 5Fs technique


 Body Awareness (BA)

weekly series

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BA- 02: Lateral (side view) Posture

Golf Fitness

Lessons That Last

  • Apply Master Your Movement lessons explicitly to your golf fitness 
  • Use personalized, golf-specific fitness in your improvement efforts.
  • Improve your game with your most basic equipment - your golf body!.


 Jacque's Golf Fitness (GF)

weekly series

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GF- 02: Down-the-Line Posture

The Jacque Project

Facing Physical Challenges

  • Defy physical challenges that impede your physical fitness efforts
  • Learn modification strategies to
    Master Your Movement safely
  • Don't be afraid to start over
  • Laugh and learn with Jacque!


 this lighthearted  journey as
Jacque 'goes left',
re-learning how to play golf as a leftie.
The Jacque Project weekly series

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The Jacque Project
Episode 01:

What you need to know to make informed decisions about your physical conditioning:

  • Fitness terms - explained in plain English
  • Muscles & movements - Operator's manual for your most important equipment
  • Golf Fitness - What's different about training for golf performance improvement

Videos and articles for Strength Training, Golf Fitness and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)