Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to achieve their fitness goals by educating them on human movement, and how to utilize this knowledge in order to master their own movement. Through the application of our unique “5Fs” approach, Jacque Jones Fitness facilitates individuals’ personal efforts to learn new physical movements. The self-efficacy people develop as a result of our “5Fs” approach allows for a quick understanding of how to master their own body. This motivates our clients to continue activities and work towards achieving their personal physical activity goals.

Furthermore, Jacque Jones Fitness aims to train individuals on what to expect from their fitness trainers, as well as train fitness professionals on how to deliver effective movement training. These training products are designed to be extended through tailored specialty lessons. For instance, golf fitness is a premium service that is offered by Jacque Jones Fitness. Another extended application, specialty service comes in the form of applications for special populations including older adults, post-rehab clients, and those with disabilities and chronic diseases.

Jacque Jones

Degrees held:

     MBA: Accounting

     BS: Engineering

     BA: Kinesiology

     MS: Kinesiology (Biomechanics)

NCCA accredited fitness certifications:

   ACE Personal Trainer, Health Coach,, Medical Exercise Specialist

   ACSM Exercise Physiologist

    NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Specialized fitness certifications:

   ACSM/NCPAD Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer

   TPI-Certified Golf Fitness Instructor L3 & Golf Bio-mechanist

   K-Vest L2, K-Coach

            Jacque Jones is a nontraditional fitness expert who has chosen kinesiology and biomechanics as an encore career. Her diverse background integrates formal education, advanced professional certifications, continuing professional education, and practical application experience which, in turn, enables Jacque Jones Fitness to provide up-to-date, effective, practical, and safe services that clients can use immediately. A degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IE/OR) - human factors engineering -  as well as on-the-job experience in workplace-task measurement, fitness for injury prevention, and operations efficiency established her technical movement analysis skills. Furthermore, B.S. and M.S. degrees in Kinesiology and college teaching experience in exercise testing and nutrition have developed her solid theoretical foundation on body movements and responses.