Body Awareness Introduction

Are you ready to learn how to use your body more effectively?

What can Jacque's Body Awareness do for you?

 How much time and effort have you invested in physical activity without getting the results you expected?  It's probably because your body is not doing what you think it is doing! Ms. Move can teach you how to change that.

Get better, faster results
Become more conscious of your body's function, position and movement through Ms. Move's Body Awareness.

 Reverse 'bad' movement habits
Over time, most of us have developed incorrect, inefficient, imbalanced usage patterns as a result of temporary injuries, habit or lifestyle.  Over time, these 'bad' patterns become habit. They reinforce further imbalance and they propagate imbalances to other body parts. 

 Learn how 'good' movement feels
To counteract this "drift", you need to learn to recognize when specific muscles are, and are not, working the way we would like them to work  in your exercises and your activities of daily living (ADLs). 

Reduce effort and injury
Your body is most efficient when muscles are performing their 'original design functions'.  It requires less energy to control movement.   It supports efforts to perform tasks more effectively . And, it is less prone to injury.

Learn to use your body more effectively
Body Awareness training, rapidly develops your subconscious skill-based, perception and reaction to your body posture and movement.

Start learning NOW to Master Your Movement.
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